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Ensuring that your property insurance covers all of your needs

Insurers have been quietly hiking deductibles, scaling back coverage, and adding new restrictions over the past few years. Beware! Coverages can now vary widely among carriers. Higher premiums don't necessarily mean you have better coverage, and inexperienced insurance agents can cost you thousands with poor advice. Most consumers shop based on price and brand name, and are unaware of the exclusion clauses buried in legalese within the dozens of policy pages. Comparison shopping is even more difficult because most consumers don't get a policy copy before buying.

Read your policy, and not just the declaration pages. Pay particular attention to the policy exclusions and limitation sections, along with the deductible limits. A 2& hail/wind deductible might not sound high, but if your home is insured for $300,000, then that 2% means you pay the first $6,000 of the loss for hail.

Pay attention to how water damage is covered. Most people know that flood damage is not covered under home insurance, but many policies have been changed to only cover sudden and accidental water damage and not slow or hidden leaks or foundation slab leaks. While auto insurance is fairly easy to compare, property insurance is the opposite. Take your time and review the coverage. Don't just get a quote. It may be boring now, but you are handling future claim settlements now with the coverages you select.


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